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Artist Biography: Val Fawbert

"THROUGH MY EYES " was the title of my exhibition in the 2014 Hove Arts Open House.

In 2013 my exhibition in the Christmas Open House "OUT & ABOUT" work depicted a continuation and development of the series "ON THE FRONT".  I broadened my search within the town and beside the seaside for glimpses which develop into scenes which capture the very essence of yesteryear, reminding me of my childhood adventures; when we had the freedom to explore and have fun along The Front.  Locals and visitors alike, as always , enjoy the fun, the buzz, the excitement, the "get away from it all " opportunities which are still there for all to enjoy!

Contemporary Impressions using the palette knife and acrylics on deep edged canvas.

The process skimming, scraping using the knife, achieving movement and simplicity of line for my figurative work.  Restraint is required with the palette, economy of colour, also spatial awareness is crucial to my composition.  It is as much about not over-crowding, leaving room or space for the onlooker to enter ("it could be me or us"); my statement on canvas is then realised.



My previous series of figurative work

"On The Front"

Shows local scenes highlighting promenaders at the seaside.

Use of acrylics, and a palette of vibrant colours allows me to attack the canvas with physicality and little restraint.

My figurative scenes demand a discipline, limiting the use of colour; while the palette knife work exposes the textured canvas scraping the surface.

Use of giant oil sticks offer a soft and sympathetic finish in stark contrast to the cutting edge, hands on, tactile surface evolving from both knife and paint.


Formative Years:

Were inspired by: Tutor/Sculptor Jenny Hughes R.A.

Also heavily influenced by Tutor, Printer, Art Lecturer Toni Patten.

Appreciation to Nadie Szenassy, Art Historian and Critic for support and encouragement.



University of Sussex: B.Ed. (Hons)

University of Brighton: Major in Art Education, Modern Sculpture, Drama and the Visual Arts.



Twenty years teaching

Senior Management


Exhibitions and Commissions

Gallery "City Retreat" Hove  


Harry's Restaurant, Hove

Brighton Festival, Hove Arts Trail

Art Wave, Lewes

Skyline Gallery, Brighton Marina



Charity Secret Bid at the Laughing Dog


Charter Medical Centre, Hove

Plan Jacot, Neuchatel, Switzerland

St Romain de Benet, S.W. France

Commissions in Corporate Spaces 2012

Greenacres apartment blocks, Brighton

Part of the complete refurbishment programme for 2012


Work completed September - originals and Giclee prints


Sheridan House Office Building Brighton

On-going project 2012-2013

Money Penny Associates & Cygnet Properties


Hotel Seattle Brighton Marina

On loan, enlarged Giclee Print exhibited in foyer/Reception




Recent International Exhibitions 2012

Conference Centre - Gallery, Restaurant French Alps

Exhibiting Easter 2013


The Coach House - Alfriston, East Sussex


Brighton Media Centre

Middle Street


Nicole Urbanski



Brighton Media Centre

Old Steine



Open House
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